New and Used

April 1st & April 8th: Smitty & Miles, a new and used impro/sketch duo, has its first show at West of Lenin!

It will take courage to push the send button on this one. You see, I risk my reputation as a good improviser, which I have because:
1. I teach improv.
2. No one has ever seen me improvise. Those few who have, retain only a vague, air brushed approximation of the memory.

How’s that for a pitch?

Yes! I’m back in the saddle with my first love, (improv)…and having a shockingly good time working with Pattie Miles. We think we’re funny. We’re writing sketches. I sometimes take a 20-minute nap during rehearsals, once during a scene. (our work is…real.) (One rehearsal we had a professional therapist – Joe Guppy-  do a therapy session with a couple we often play.)
Will ya come? Will ya? We are finding our voice as an improv duo of a certain age, and we could use a great audience for our adventure.
Adventure: an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

Get tickets now, cause West of Lenin only has 88 seats, and we both have large families in the area.

Improv Classes
Freehold 8-week Spring Improv Class
Mondays 6:30 – 9:30, April 6th – June 1st (skipping May 18 for the Freehold Auction- come to that!)
Freehold: 206-323-7499

Hugo House
I’ve been having a grand time teaching Improv for Writers in this soon to be razed former mortuary.
Sunday, June 28th, 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Hugo House 206-322-7030

SUMMER INTENSIVE at Freehold. This July, I’m teaching a 65-hour class.
9:00 – noon, Mon – Fri, for 4 weeks, ending in 2 performances.
Please pass this on to anyone who has, or wants, the improv bug! If you are interested, or want more info on it, let me know! 206-551-4622

Basic One-Day Improv Class
Sunday, May 31st,  9:30am – 3:15pm @ The Valley School
fee $95
Sign up through me: 206-551-4622
I have taught this class thousands of times, and doubt I’ll tire of it. The basic class is the best. It introduces great concepts to which improvisers try to hold. And it’s always fun.

I have 30-plus auctions booked for 2015, and this is the season, right now. It’s crazy busy and lots of fun. I’ll be all over Seattle, in Winthrop, and in Santa Fe. Things slow down in June.

My Last Year with the Nuns
March 28th @ 7:00pm you can see it at Seed Arts  Cinema Series,Homegrown Documentaries.
I’m also taking Nuns to The Florida Film Festival in Orlando in April, as a film maker. What to wear….! We are still looking for a space in LA, Chicago and NYC to show the film. Know one?
We have strong interest in distributors wanting to show the movie online, but are first wanting the film to play on the big screen.  If we don’t find a taker, we may raise funds to “4-wall it” – which is to rent space, drive publicity and get our own audiences.  Kinda like having a kid!

In the Workplace
Pattie Miles has been joining the “Improv for Organizations” workshops. That means better follow up, and another person who really “gets” it to work with clients, to make sure our messages are landing. Nordstrom is doing the most notable job ever of marking territory, and using improv principles to articulate and frame their culture.

Want updates? The following are Facebook pages we’d love for you to like:
Smitty & Miles
My Last Year with the Nuns
Improv Intensives with Matt Smith

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