Replace that which keeps you rigid with advanced mental flexibility. So you can be better at everything. It’s fun and fascinating.

Half-day, full-day, 3-day, extended 3 - 6 months self-designed sessions. Through Improv, you and your team will create a meaningful, learnable,  and sustainable systems that you can use to increase productivity and have a better place to work.

You work HARD to put your auction together. So when the time comes, hand that massive effort over to a real Pro, who gets it. Matt is fun, savvy, innovative, and relentless when it comes to pulling in funding.

Watch the trailer for My Last Year with the Nuns

Or buy a DVD from me for $18 plus postage ($3.50). To do that, message me, and I'll send it.


Imagine an environment where all outcomes, including mistakes, massive and miniscule, are treated as sources of inspiration...

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Performance & Film

Matt Smith is an actor, writer, improv and communication specialist, and auctioneer. His screen credits...

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Matt is a graduate of The Missouri Auction School and has facilitated hundreds of auctions. His experience on...

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