Matt Smith has called hundreds of auctions, and never stops learning his trade.  Years of improvisational theatre performance bring a spontaneity and purpose to each event.

A fund raising auction is a community event that bonds its people, expanding their sense of what they can accomplish. The process begins with the work done by  dozens of volunteers who organize the event, procure the sale items and put in countless hours to insure its success. It’s a good idea to hand all that work over to a real pro who has seen and done it all.

Matt’s creates an environment where everyone  is invited to join the sense of community established by you, the organizers. The best auctions are fun, open, honest, and exciting. Matt includes everyone in a positive way.  No shaming, passive-aggressive balderdash, only effective reminders as to what we are there to accomplish. Spending becomes fun, and people leave looking forward to next year.

Matt creates an environment for this that is very rare. Last year the vast majority of Matt’s auctions broke records for fund raising. That has a lot to do with the market, of course,  but more than a little to do with who’s at the helm for the most important two hours of the year.

Oh. And he’s fun and easy to work with.