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unnamedMatt Smith and Pattie Miles are SMITTY & MILES, a new and used improv and sketch duo performing sketches and improvising the day-to-day journey of a married couple and their guests (audience volunteers). Smart, charming, acerbic, irreverent, SMITTY & MILES present their funny and imaginative world at West of Lenin.

SMITTY & MILES  Winter Wednesdays
I was not cool in 1966, and am not cool today, but  last Wednesday night was as close as I’ll ever get without a man bun. Pattie and I  did an hour-long set with jazz guitarist Milo Petersen. Milo and the great Floyd Standifer performed several times with Seattle Improv in the 80’s . Wednesday felt brand new and ancient at the same time. Thanks Milo! He has promised to come back.

Smitty & Miles is performing, every Wednesday this Month, 7pm @ West of Lenin WITH GUESTS:

Wed, Dec 16th, with Porchlandia: Molly Arkin and Britney Barber, and they are really, really funny.
Wed, Dec 23rd, Joe Guppy will be there, acting as a therapist, for a couple that Smitty & Miles play every week. Very interesting
Wed, Dec 30th, The Edge featuring Cookus Interruptus’ Cynthia Lair, Bhama Roget, & Susan MacPherson, plus Ken Balenger. I will twist Frank Buxton’s arm. It makes me feel young.

Matt Smith is an actor, writer, improv and communication specialist, and auctioneer.

His screen credits include My Last Year with the Nuns, Outsourced, Sleepless in Seattle, Spiderman, White Face, The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle, and KING TV’s Almost Live. Original solo plays include My Last Year with the Nuns, My Boat to Bainbridge, Helium, Beyond Kindness: A Childcare Guide, and All My Children.

Matt was a founding member of both Stark/Raving Theatre (1988-95) with Edward Sampson, andSeattle Improv (1985-88) with Sampson & Roberta Maguire. He was artistic director of Seattle Theatre Sports in 1985.

He is a partner with Cookus Interruptus, the popular web based cooking show where healthy meets funny.  Matt is also an ambassador for Hanford Challenge, dedicated to the clean-up of The Hanford Nuclear Waste Site.  He has taught improvisation at hundreds of companies and schools, to actors and non-actors.


Stage: My Boat to Bainbridge, My Last Year with the Nuns, All My Children

Screen: My Last Year with the Nuns, Outsourced, Spiderman, Sleepless in Seattle