May 2014 – “Nuns” @ SIFF!

I am enjoying my 15 minutes of fame NOW, before anyone sees the film. But I’ll go out on a limb and recommend it! My Last Year with the Nuns exceeded all expectations, is in the can, and IN The Seattle International Film Festival. For fun facts, we have a Facebook page.
Egyptian Theatre
May 21st (Wednesday) 6:30pm (World Premiere)
May 26th (Monday) 11:30 am
To buy tickets.

I’m not sure what to wear to the premiere! What goes with the “rumpled charm” of a “Hell Raiser”? (City Arts article) I am trying to wear out the four sky blue shirts I bought for the shoot, because I don’t want to be seen wearing them when the fame hits. I remember seeing the great Bob Denver, (who I will remember as Maynard G. Krebs) in a restaurant. It was not an event. He was just out for dinner, dressed like Gilligan for his fans, ready to turn on the charm. I don’t want anyone to see me in that blue shirt and think I’m trying to be recognized. But these are my favorite shirts, and make up half my stock! Such is life inside those 15 minutes. And how about when all the “A-list cash” starts rolling in? Will it change me? “Lets hope so,” say some with whom I’ve been working.

At the moment I’m in New Mexico calling a couple auctions, truly fabulous events “for the children” (New Mexico School for the Arts, in Santa Fe, and National Dance Institute, in Albuquerque). Then there’s the Freehold auction on May 19th, and then The Northwest Fisheries Association, and that’s it for the season.

Improv Workshops: one intensive and one gentle:

Gentle: One day Basic Improv Workshop
Saturday, June 21st, 9:00am – 3:00pm @ The Valley School
Cost: $95
All are welcome. We’ll do the best exercises ever invented. They are simple and fun, and often profoundly cool. This foundation class focuses on spontaneity. Replace that which keeps you rigid with simple improv guidelines that free you up. Call me and I’ll try to convince you. 206-551-4622

Not so Gentle:
The Freehold-month-long-Improv-Intensive
65 hours of improv!
July 7th – August 2, 2014
Mon. – Fri. 9:00 – noon, for four weeks, plus two performances, Fri. Aug 1 & Sat Aug 2, 7:00pm
@ Freehold 2222 2nd Ave, in Bell Town.
Cost: $695
14 Max
Teacher? Attorney? Need accreditation? Talk to Zoe at Freehold. Call me for encouragement 206-551-4622 or
To sign up, Freehold: 206-323-7499

Also, there’s room for 4 more in the looming
Create Stories That Stick
Sunday, May 25th
9am – 3pm
The Valley School (309 31st Avenue East – enter on Thomas)
A narrative-focused class where you’ll jump into exercises that’ll put you in the mindset to uncover good, sticky narrative where it hides. Even if you don’t write, lives have narratives, let’s breathe new life into ours.

I have been working lately with Nordstrom’s Innovation Team, and with their IT department, a very impressive group of people, and I have an event for the USDA in Olympia in a couple weeks. How’s that for playing the field?

The secret code to let me know that you read this is “Rumpled Works”.

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